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People from area of Wormbach support continue

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In the first weekend of July, the inhabitants of the village of Wormbach once again celebrated their 'Dorffest' with many guests from the surrounding villages. For two days the guests and families enjoyed the best weather, a colorful entertainment program and cool beer. And even the poorest of the poor were once again thought of: Norbert Grobbel handed over a check of 500 euro at the opening of the "Spiritual Summer 2017". This is not the first donation to 'Lichtblick Nepal', with which the Sauerlanders help people in the Nepalese crises. The Wormbacher, the Schützenverein and many people from the surrounding villages have been helping Nepal for years. Meanwhile, a few thousand euros of donations have come together; help that is greatly appreciated in Nepal.


At this point, once again thank you very much to all donors for the great and valuable support!

Taste or not taste?

© pictures am
© pictures am

Quality-Check at Shree Golmadevi Elementary School


Amrit Malli and our social worker Mr Pawan (?), who supported the diverse relief measures of Ujyalo Nepal in the region around Shikharpur, visited the Shree Golmadevi School spontaneously, to get a personal picture of the quality of school lunches. Their conclusion: The food is balanced - for Nepalese standards - and healthy. There are alternating different delicious rice - and lense meals, rice pudding, and fruit salad. But the harshest critics are the children themselves. What do they say? We think a look into their faces is a enough...  

School in Zero Kilometer almost ready

With big steps towards the end: The reconstruction of the school in zero kilometers is almost completed. The children are already studying diligently in their new buildings. This also pleases the students of the Gymnasium in Schmallenberg - only through their donations, this assistance was possible.

Just a few months ago: Johannes Börger and the team inspected the school in zero kilometers. The temporary corrugated iron hut on the right side, which served as a classroom, has now been replaced by a stable Building.

"Two Years after the earthquake"

Information from "Lichtblick Nepal e.V. / "Ujyalo Nepal":


Nepal - Two years after the earthquake - Help from the Sauerland region is still active


Even two years after the earthquake in Nepal (26.04. & 12.05.2015), the majority of more than 4 million victims still live in simple tin huts. These are cramped, too cold in winter and too hot in summer. In the last two years "Lichtblick Nepal e.V.", has been providing shelters for over 1000 families in 11 villages in the earthquake area. However, the reconstruction of more than 800,000 damaged houses is difficult because, on the one hand, an earthquake-proof construction is necessary. On the other hand, few families have the necessary capital for such a house construction. A small house costs approx. 8.000, - €, from the resources of the World Bank, UN and other large subsidy budgets the Nepalese government grants 2.700, - € to each affected family. The gap of 5,000, - € can only be closed by the wealthy and loans are only given to someone with secured income, such as servants of the state. The normal income of the family is needed to cover the costs of the daily life, saving for the construction of a house is hardly possible. In addition, funding is granted only to those who are in possession of a building ground. Many of the poor population had built their houses on someone else’s land. Apart from the destruction of their houses,

they also miss the governmental support for the new building.

© pictures am, jb, ng, hs
© pictures am, jb, ng, hs

Due to this difficult situation, we decided to rebuild schools and community facilities in Kavre district (40 km north of Kathmandu). Four schools for the teaching of a total of more than 800 pupils have meanwhile been built with donations from the Sauerland amounting to € 75,000. The fifth school in the town "Zerokilometer", which is financed with the donation of the “Städtisches Gymnasium Schmallenberg” of 15.000, - €, is in the completion. Here, four classrooms for a total of 120 pupils were rebuilt.

Mason master Rai at the school in Zerokilometer
Mason master Rai at the school in Zerokilometer

Lessons can begin

© Fotos am  - Amrit "inspects" the classroom
© Fotos am - Amrit "inspects" the classroom

Last week we got this nice E-Mail von Amrit Malli:

" Namaste everyone, last saturday, we left Kathmandu head office of Ujyalo Nepal and headed towards Shikharpur with education materials like books, exercise note books, pencils, white board etc and similarly ,other materials for setting up a classroom at the women's committee building to run adult literacy classes for women from scheduled caste of the community.Around 40 adult women will begin

their adult literacy classes in the building.


I along with 4 other people had gone there and painted the building and also installed the electric wiring in the room there.


With regards

Amrit Prasad Malli

Ujyalo Nepal"

Of the approximately 4,000 schools damaged by the earthquake in Nepal, only about 500 have been repaired so far. A further 1,500 are planned or under contract for the repair / new construction. For the remaining 2,000 schools there is yet no clear information on the repair. The administration and the government of Nepal is obviously overburdened with the organization and management of rebuilding the schools. Here, the affected children lose valuable school years. Therefore the pupils, parents and teachers look Forward to the fast and uncomplicated help of Lichtblick Nepal and other active aid organizations.


The school in Shikharpur, rebuilt with donations from the Heid Donation Group, has recently been equipped with child-friendly furniture for the nursery school group. The children feel comfortable in the rooms and like to come to the kindergarten.


The village house in Shikharpur, which has also been reconstructed with the donations, serves the women of the village as a Meeting and training center. For this to be used even more intensively, the lighting and a whiteboard for the training were installed. The neighboring village of Aneikot has begun with the construction of a drinking water supply with the help of the Nepalese government. Due to the increase in the cost of construction materials in the past year, there is now a lack of money to be covered for its completion. Lichtblick Nepal  e.V./ Ujyalo Nepal will be able to finance the construction of a 600 m pipe, a 50 m³ high-tank and the purchase of a pump with a subsidy of approx. 12.000, - €. In this way a further 600 inhabitants receive sufficient and fresh drinking water. This project is sustainable, operated by the villagers themselves. This support is the classic aid for self-help. The projects are supervised by members of the Lichtblick Nepal association in cooperation with the partner Ujyalo Nepal in Nepal. We work in the structures of Nepalese society and help existing initiatives through our additional support to its realization.



Following the suggestion and desire of the partner Ujyalo Nepal, we will employ a social worker in the Panchcal, Kavre District region to look after individual villages

with predominantly low-caste villagers (like Shikharpur). The task of this social worker is the organizational support of the villagers in concerns of everyday life, such as the application processing for a house construction. In addition, the primary needs (e.g. water supply or house building training) should be defined and possible solutions are to be sought. We also see the role of the social worker to be the networking of the existing programs and, if necessary, in supplementary projects co-financed from the budget of Lichtblick Nepal. Through the developing close contact with the population we expect a positive sustainable development in the villages, with improved education, the creation of jobs and thus sustainable economic development.


Thanks to all, who support the projects !!

Meeting in Kathmandu - New Members welcomed !

Meeting, Projekte, Hilfe, Erdbebenopfer
© Fotos hs

There was a lot to talk about when the members of Ujyalo Nepal met with Heinrich Strohmeyer in Katmandu on the 4th of March 2017. Which are the current situations and the different Projects, which kinds of problems come up and what's the best way to find solutions? The huge amount of aid measures that have been accomplished already, demand sufficient structures and organization. Decision-making and work

procedures need to be coordinated. Responsibilities and measures to control and

review the process in the different Projects need to fit a specific demand to harmonize. In that context, fast communication and documentation carry huge importance. Based on that, "project management" was discussed as the major topic during the meeting.

In addition, especially pleased: The first chairman of Ujyalo Nepal, Dr. Rabindra, welcomed four new members at Ujyalo Nepal, who would like to contribute to the project with great commitment in the future. Sonam Sherpa, head of a trekking agency, will establish an important, very Close relationship with the people in the earthquake area around Sailung. Sanyay Tamang, who has been socially and politically active in Nepal for many years, will be able to provide important support, especially in the Panchkhal area. The young Rakshya Karki has just finished school and would like to gain practical experience in social work. Vishnu Gyanwalli is now a member of Ujyalo Nepal. The longtime tour guide and specialist for Buddhist and Hindu sights, who speaks fluent English and German, knows the Nepalese administration very well and will provide valuable help with his contacts and experience. To all new members: We welcome you and wish much joy and success at work !! Click here for the team.....

School kindergarten in Shikapur

Schulkindergarten, Spende, Wiederaufbau, Shikharpur, Lernen, Bildung
© Fotos hs


On  the 28th of February 2017 15 girls and 11 boys were waiting for the truck. As Bishnu, Amrith and Heinrich Strohmeyer arrived, happiness spread among the children since with them the materials for the new classroom arrived. Things like carpets, seat cushions and tables were provided as new furnishing for their classroom of the school kindergarten of the Narayansthan Elementary School.After Amrith and his father Bishnu finished installing the new equipment, the moment was about to come. With their eyes wide open 4 in 50 children finally able to enter their new classroom together with their teachers Ms. Ambika Devi Gautam and Ms. Laxmi Duial.


Concerning or a project this was the final step to support this school. After building two new school buildings including gutters, water pipes and a water tank the establishment of 8 classrooms with 30 seats and tables, the principal of the school Tikha Bahadur Khafle and his brother Dhauda Praad Khaple were very happy and satisfied. Then again thanked Ujyalo Nepal for all the support. Ujyalo Nepal wishes the children and teachers good luck and joy for the future.


Erdbeben, Verein, Hilfe, Nepal, Lichtblick, Kinder, Vergessen, Not

Video:  Johannes Franz Voß  (Visuelle Kommunikation, Kassel)

Titel:    Emao courtesy by Sattva Music

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Trümmer, Hilfe, Spenden, Wiederaufbau, Unterstützung
(© jb) Joy over the help !!

"Thousands of People died last year during the heavy earthquake in Nepal, that affected the poorest of the poor . The world is looking at other things today - Nepal is far  away again. But we continue to help."



Beginning of Construction in Zero Km

Schule, Wiederaufbau, Schüler, Chance, Bildung, Spende, Patenschaft
© Photos Heinrich Strohmeyer

The students of the Schmallenberg Gymnasium collected a lot of money to enable the repair of the Shree Chandenee Secondary School in Jaishithok, Zero Km. Now there are good news from Heinrich Strohmeyer: For 14 days, builder Sagar Rai has been working 12 hours a day with his crew - 5 men and a woman. The progress is already remarkable after only a few days, and the building will be ready to be used in the course of two months. For the 139 female and 91 male students aged between 5 and 18, school continues despite the structural limitations. The children all come from the surrounding area, their parents are simple farmers, work in the brick production or are even working on the building. However, the new school buildings offer further opportunities: The headmaster, Mr.. Adhikari and the chairman of the School management committee, Mr.. Neupane are already looking into the future. They would like to set up an 11th class in which the topic of "Management" is to be taught. This would make it much easier for many students to enter a profession or even go to University. We would also like to accompany and support them in the future.

Excited children in Lamatar

"The Ujyalo team and the school appreciate your support very much.

Please help us continue in the future!"

New Year, new Goals

Hilfe, Projekt, Spenden, Hausbau
© ng Meeting in Germany - Norbert, Johannes, Heinrich

The New Year has begun and it is time to forge the plans for 2017. Some things are to be re-launched, others need to improve. The school in zero kilometer, for example, or the housebuilding project with training by "Build up Nepal" in Shikharpur. Since the fall of last year, Heinrich Strohmeyer has been a "Nepalese" who knows the people and the country as well as Johannes and Norbert. Old friends find themselves together again. Thanks for the support!!! And in February, Heinrich is going back to help in Nepal...

First benches for the School

© am
© am

Good news from our friends at Ujyalo Nepal. Amrit Malli and his father Bishnu are allowed to hand over the first 30 school benches to the Shree Narayansthan School in Shikapur. Freshly welded together and painted in the typical Nepalese blue. Are the children more motivated to study now? Bishnu seems to recall his childhood days, in which he would have liked to have such school furniture.

Children - education is their only chance

© Video: Johannes Börger, Musik: mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Sattva Music

Helping Roman - a paralyzed Boy

It is autumn 2016, about 1 1/2 years have gone since the heavy earthquakes. Nepal continues to reach out for a piece of normality. Johannes Börger travels back to Nepal with 17 friends to get to know the beauty of the country and the friendliness of the people - despite the destruction and the lack of support from the government.

"Trekking is possible again." Through their presence alone, These tourists, mainly from the Sauerland Region in Germany, significantly help the country and the people. But they do more. Today Johannes and Co. are bringing good news to the 9-year-old Roman Dhakal who is partially paralyzed. A private initiative supports him with a basic care, but a normal development is hardly possible for the boy under the difficult conditions in Nepal. Today, Johannes can inform Roman and his family, that LICHTBLICK NEPAL e.V. will take care of the additional costs for their care and schooling. The joy is great. Tourism and humanitarian aid belong together in Nepal - today more than ever.


Education - the bank of the poor

Volkshochschule, Olpe, Voß, Bildung, Schulen, Zukunft
© mari

 "Education is future-proof and it will pay off." Jochen Voss, head of the VHS Olpe, talked about this topic at an information event of our association "Lichtblick Nepal e.V.". A lot has already been achieved in the earthquake areas through the donation of funds in the past year: around 1000 emergency rooms for families were built, warm blankets and fleece jackets for the older people and students were distributet, water filters were built. One of the next steps is the creation of a structure that relies on education. Norbert Grobbel and Johannes Börger, together with their teams in Germany and Nepal, have been working on this goal for about 12 months, day by day. Meanwhile, in spite of many bureaucratic and political difficulties in Nepal, 15 rooms in 5 schools could be repaired in the villages. Now there are regular classes again. The ice seems broken, the donation money can be invested increasingly better, thanks to the functioning interplay of the two clubs. In addition to the ongoing help for single women and widows as well as older people, the association will continue to focus particularly on sustainability: women's homes will be repaired or rebuilt, Nepalese self-help groups will be supported and the people in the villages should be provideed with technical support as well as construction materials and simple, manual Tools and machinery to be used to reconstruct their houses. Very important is that Norbert Grobbel and Johannes Börger agree that the people in the villages themselves actively participate and "take their destiny and their future into their own hands ". Norbert Grobbel and Johannes Börger are particularly emphasizing this. This is also necessary, because up to now the victims situation has hardly improved up to now.   article: Sauerlandkurier vom 20.6.2016


Back to school in Deupur

Schule, Aufbau, Unterricht, Spende, Bildung
© jb

Tightly crowded, about 30 children are sitting on the narrow benches and listen to the words and gestures of their teacher. In this school in Deupur, the lessons have begun again, and thus a piece of normality for the children after the earthquake. Our team in

Nepal as well as Johannes Börger and Norbert Grobbel have succeeded in realizing the reconstruction of the heavily damaged school building in a very short time. A worthwhile effort and a great success.The children can now get back to learning. For them there is only one chance in the long term to break out of the wheel of poverty - education.


"Blankets" in Hoksey VDC

Alte menschen, Decken, Winte, Kälte, Lichtblick, Hilfe, Spende
© am

In the past few days Bishnu and Amrit Malli of our Ujyalo Nepal team, supported by some friends, were able to distribute over 300 warm blankets to people in need of help. They were longingly waiting for the truck. When he finally arrived, the was great joy. The people formed a long queue and recieved the blankets with pride and

gratitude. Meanwhile, the nights are bitterly cold and the houses of the villagers are completely inadequately isolated. The fact that this measure was realized in Nepal despite the difficult supply situation has to be thanked our friends and partners of Ujyalo Nepal and their great commitmentPicture gallery

Warm blankets for the poorest of the poor

© am, Grateful!
© am, Grateful!

For the inhabitants of Mahankhal Chaur this Saturday was a very special day. They came together early to wait for "the truck". Its load: thick, padded, warm blankets. 315 pieces, well packed into waterproof bags. Finally, our friends of Ujyalo Nepal can distribute the "blankets" to those who, as a result of the earthquake's destruction, would be particularly vulnerable to winter temperatures: elderly, single people, widows and families from the lower castes. It was not possible to isolate the houses before the first, cool winter days because of the energy crisis in Nepal. The blockade to India either prevented the purchase and transport of the necessary building

material or made it unaffordable. So our friends of "Ulyalo Nepal" had the idea to buy and distribute these warming blankets. The inhabitants of Mahankhal Chaur are very grateful for this help.…Picture gallery

2500m Altitude: Children spend the winter in tents

Lichtblick, Kinder, Winter, Zelte, Hilfe, Spende
© ms

Melamchi Ghyang, located at an altitude of 2500 m, is located in the middle of the epicenter of the earthquake in Sindhupalchok. When we came to the village in the autumn of 2015, we first saw a picture of total destruction. But the inhabitants seemed

somewhat more optimistic and agile than others. Next to the ruins of their houses, they had prepared weather-resistant and attractive huts and lodges, to offer hikers secure accommodations and good supplies. However, the school of the village has been hit hard and reconstruction is difficult. At least 140 students must now spend the cold, long winter in simple tents. As we visited the school, the children were with their parents….more

Trekking in possible again

© ms
© ms

No - the great, famous

trekking tours in the Everest region and the Annapurna Circuit have not been tested by us this year. But in Nepal we spoke to people who had gone through these two famous treks, six months after the earthquakes - before their tour and after their tour. Their unambiguous conclusion: Fantastically beautiful, no impairments caused by the earthquakes. The people in the mountains are looking forward to more tourists. This year the Trekkers have almost been alone at the highest mountains  ...impressions

Visit in Kaule

© ms, middle of the picture "Amrit" from Ujyalo Nepal
© ms, middle of the picture "Amrit" from Ujyalo Nepal

We were drawn to a Project in the small village of Kaule, about 25 km northwest of Kathmandu. With the help of a German association, a so-called "Erdsackhaus" was to be built: easy to build, earthquake-proof, inexpensive and with similar comforts as the houses destroyed by the earthquakes. We visited Kaule...more

Families without their men

Zerstörung, Wanderarbeiter, Ausbeutung, alleinstehend, Blechhütte
© jb

Villages, which are particularly affected by the earthquake, always bump into our helpers attention: the families have a lack of men. Most of them look for their happiness as a migrant worker in the Gulf region. Thus, the surviving women and the elderly often stand alone to fight against the consequences of the disaster and the poverty. Actually the daily life is already hard enough, but now also the houses and fields have to be rebuilt again. Johannes Börger meets such a family

...read more

Progress despite obstacles

© ng
© ng

The current blockade of supply routes to India leads to energy bottlenecks throughout Nepal. This also makes our teams work more difficult. Despite all the difficulties, there is still good progress, as here in Shikarpur...more info

Tragic Fate

© nk

Her husband died in the mountains. From plastic sheets and sticks, the mother has built a provisional hut in the ruins of their house. For now until after the monsoon they have to live in a shelter. But they need to get a new house ... read more


A school in a state of emergency

© jb

In a large school in Deupur, where up to 500 pupils from all over the world were taught, all classrooms were destroyed by the earthquake. Until winter, the school runs in emergency mode...read more

Blind Man: Homeless

© jb

It was thanks to pure coincidence that the team came across an older blind gentleman. For weeks he lived with his dog, begging and unprotected in a shed of tarpaulins and sticks ... read more

Heinrich Strohmeyer is currently in Nepal:


"Once again, we were able to distribute light-weight winterjackets and today the students of the Shree Gyan Jyoti Lower Secondary School in Lamatar, Lalitpur, were looking forward to it. Though the winter is slowly coming to an end, it is still cold outside, especially in the mornings and evening. The school educates 43 pupils aged between 3 to 12 , who are supervised by 6 teachers in 7 classrooms."They are mainly from Tamang families emigrating here, and it happens that not every day every student can go to school because they are needed at home. This is certainly not the last time we will be actively helping this school. Unfortunately, as with many state

schools, school and learning material for the students are missing. But, we're working on it! "



Warm jackets for children in Lhubu

In the middle of the winter warm jackets were distributed to children in the small village of Lhubu. The families are spending the second cold winter in their small home village. The living conditions are still bad, the provisional houses, in which most have to live, do not offer proper protection from the cold. Now, warming jackets help

alleviate the need a little. Our friends Bishnu, Prabhakar and other helpers of

Ujyalo Nepal are happy to be able to distribute "their gifts" to the children who were looking forward to our help. Many thanks to all donors !!    Photos: Amrita Malli


Partnership - Secondary School in Schmallenberg rebuilds destroyed school Building

© Foto: Nina Kownacki (Westfalenpost)
© Foto: Nina Kownacki (Westfalenpost)

Two heavy earthquakes hit the "Shree Chandenee Scondary School" last year in Nepal, destroyed the buildings and destroyed important inventory. The situation in the earthquake areas has not improved to the present day, especially for the children - on the contrary, often further intensified. Especially the young people in the villages have barely overcome the trauma and are afraid of their future. They are also looking for a way back to their daily lives through school and education. For the children of the "Shree Chandee Scondary School" in Zero Kilometer there is hope now: The students of the Schmallenberg Gymnasium in Germany would like to help them read more


Trekking in the Land of Dreams

In the autumn of 2016, Johannes Börger and friends from the Sauerland region went trekking in the Annapurna region, along with Sherpas from the earthquake areas. They want the tourists to come back to Nepal, get to know their country and give them work. Trekking is possible again. Great impressions from their trip.

© Video: Johannes Börger, Music: courtesy by Sattva Music

Guardian Angel back in Lamusangu

Planen, Klinik, provisosrischen, medizinische Hilfe, Wundheilung
© mn

Marianne a Nijeholt is back in Lamusangu. In this village, between Dhulikhel and Jiri, a provisional clinic

was installed a few days after the earthquakes. Everyone was needed to help relieve the suffering of the victims in the most difficult conditions. Marianne is part of the team. In spite of all the strain, after working in the clinic,

she did not shy away from the effort to help a girl in the mountains, which had

suffered from burns. Marianne has now returned with her husband. The girl and

her family are looking forward to seeing the 'Marianne Guard' suddenly standing

in front of the door. The girl looks very lively, the wounds are healed, only a few scars remain. A story, a little like a fairy tale. Way to Lamusangu...


Our tourists in the earthquake regions

Spenden, Tourismus, Hilfe, Reisegruppe, Sicherheit
© jb - farewell in Kathmandu, also with Bishnu und Chandra

Our trekking groups in the autumn of 2016. Nepal: Not only a crisis area, but also a hiking destination? The well-known, international travel guide "Lonely Plant"  published it straveling trends for next year. On place 5 of the "TOP TEN COUNTRIES": Nepal. At the best value for money, Nepal even ranked first! 17 tourists, who have been traveling together with Johannes Börger in the mountains of the Himalayas and have lived close to the people and talked a lot with them can now explain the reasons for the ranking. Dreamlike, overwhelming nature, extremely hospitable, polite and humble people and fascinating cultures. This is a travel experience. So what about the earthquake areas? The guests, accompanied by Johannes and some Nepali friends, could take a picture of the people in the earthquake areas and get impressions about the progress of our aid as well as the practical possibilities, but also difficulties. For all travelers this was a special and valuable experience. And the victims of the earthquakes also benefit from these visits. They wish trekking guests to come back and are very happy about the understanding and interest they are facing. They do not want to be forgotten - and we do not want to forget them. Thank you all travelers and guests for your interest !!!

Trekking, Besucher, Hilfe, Spenden, Erdbebengebiet, Sicherheit
© Fotos: jb

Done! Shikapur School repaired

Good news from Shikharpur. The school building has been repaired and school can take place again, just as before the earthquakes. Some teachers and students are happily posing in front of the light blue building for a photo. The building is fully functional and earthquake proof. Thankfully, the "Heid donation group" had taken

over the cost of restoring the building and facilities. Finally a piece of normality, a piece of everyday life returns to the people of the village.


Donation Group Heid covers costs to repair a School

Spenden, Kinder, Hilfe, Bildung, Armut, Perspektive
© Foto privat

When Jochen Voß, head of the Ols VHS, brought the information event on the current

situation in the nepalese earthquake areas and the help of our association "Lichtblick Nepal eV" to an end, he once again focused on the current, difficult situation of education. "Education is the Bank of the Poor," he concludes The "Donation Group Heid", which has been financially supporting people in need, especially children, for over 25 years, took this message to their hearts, taking over the cost of € 20,000 to repair the school in Shikharpur. The students finally have got a place to study again

…read more

As if the earth had shaken yesterday

Zerstörung, Hilfe, Wiederaufbau, Not, Spenden
© Photo Johannes Börger in autumn 2016
Erdbeben, Zerstörung, keine Hilfe vom Staat, Resignation
© jb

A year later at the same place. Johannes Börger in close contact with victims of the

earthquakes. The situation - sobering. As if the earth had shaken yesterday. People must continue to live in provisional huts and cabinets without any governmental support. The only things that seem to work are small, private initiatives. Together with members of Uyjalo Nepal, Johannes inspects the progress of our actions. New help, which will directly affect the local people, is in preparation...Pictures

One year after earthquake - German television is reporting

Reconstruction in Shikhapur

Wiederaufbau, Spenden, Gemeinschaft, Dorf, Hilfe, Spenden
© Norbert Grobbel talks to villagers

Hand in hand with the people, our help in Shikarpur is now progressing significantly. Together with women of the village Norbert Grobbel discusses how the new community Building is to be built and designed. The villagers, mainly the women, need the building. In the future, they would like to be consulted on health issues and

to learn together. The "village house" will also serve them as a place for negotiating and disbursing the so-called "Mikokredite" with which they want and need to improve their livelihoods. 3.000, - € of the costs will be covered by Uyjalo Nepal, the remaining 1.000, - € will be brought up by the people themselves. With this support, we are also hoping to strengthen the community spirit of the villagers in the long term. Still, further relief measures are necessary, the school for example is considerably destroyed


Women helping women!

© ms
© ms

"Thank you and greetings to Norbert and Johannes!" When we visited the village of Naya Gaun in the autumn, we met the women living there in the only stone building

that survived the earthquake, the former primary school. They are all illiterate. After finishing their work they get the opportunity to go to this place to learn how to read and write. Best regards are being send by a Catholic women group from the Rhineland, who had donated specifically for this purpose and handed them a small flag…read more

Winterjackets for four schools

Kinder, Winter, Jacken, Hilfe, Spenden, Schule, Kälte, Freude
© am

Nice news reached us in the last days. In the short term, our friends of Ujyalo Nepal managed to provide the children of four schools in the region around Hoksey VDC with warm jackets. Currently, there is deep winter. Only a very few houses are  heated, the School rooms are not. Our helper team around Amrit had some trouble to keep up with the insistence of the little ones. The distribution was well prepared and

organized and the joy was great as the truck finally advanced. In Nepal, the children wear school uniforms. Our team in Nepal organized jakets that fit the uniform colours...Image gallery

Support despite Obstacles

Prawhakar Maharzan, Dr. Rabindra  (Ulyalo Nepal) submit "blankets" (Fotos: am)
Prawhakar Maharzan, Dr. Rabindra (Ulyalo Nepal) submit "blankets" (Fotos: am)

Especially now, as the energy crisis in Nepal makes our aid measures much more difficult, the cooperation with our Nepalese partner network "Ujyalo Nepal" shows to

work reliably and smoothly. The difficult conditions in Nepal currently provide little scope for humanitarian aid. Despite the difficult conditions and all the adversities, we are pleased that, together with our friends in Nepal, we are able to directly help the earthquake victims quickly, flexibly and unbureaucratically. Supplying the inhabitants of Mahankhal Chaur with urgently needed blankets was one of these measures. Others are in the preparation and implementation: distributing warming jackets for students, repairing and equipping schools, constructing a community house, supporting a water Project. Thank you to all who are involved. About us...

Waiting for help

© jb
© jb

The roof has crumbled over her head, her stables remain as debris and ashes, the monsoon of the week has soaked the floor of her farm. The woman crouches in the doorway of her "house". She desperatly looks at the team of helpers ... read more

Insufficient Home

© cm

After the earthquakes in Nepal, our helpers still encounter intolerable life situations. This elderly lonely man has built up a hut. It will not withstand the storms of the rainy Season.